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How It's Done

Conservation Works puts conservation and conservation workers first, while recognising that the outcome from every conservation battle can help to inform the conservation war.

So … …

Conservation Works ~

  • is not an organisation. It is a Charitable Trust with, itself, almost no overheads

  • has no staff, but uses ‘Conservation Locksmiths’, specialists known to the Trustees, as its agents. The locksmith’s employer becomes a collaborator in each endeavour

  • has no need for proposals, the Locksmiths bring projects they have already identified

  • chooses projects that represent a ‘bigger brief ’, so each project becomes the model for a new or developing strategy, effecting conservation change exponentially

  • provides training to ensure effective utilisation of every grant

  • follows up projects in person, with minimal formal reporting

  • evaluates the outcomes, feeding them back into a participative data bank, the ‘ Workshop’, which identifies the success and failure factors and makes them available to all

  • using its independent status, works with any ‘sector’, and proactively towards cross-sector collaboration
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