Evaluation, for conservationists, comes down to a single question, “did it work?”

Given that we are battling against insuperable odds to reverse the decline of threatened species, every piece of information that brings something of value to the table should be considered, especially if it implicates what works – and what doesn’t.

Workshop is a resource that acts as a 'virtual workshop', which

  • reassures project managers (and potential donors) that nothing obvious – that usually works or doesn’t work – has been overlooked
  • requires each project to be available for the same evaluation and feedback process, thereby contributing further valuable data to the knowledge base
  • is accessible, useful, fast and free

Workshop is a web-based knowledge bank, which

  • encourages clear aims and objectives for the project, preferably arrived at by a facilitated process
  • predicts the likely success and failure factors, from a selection of over one hundred positive and one hundred negative options, drawn from over 1,500 evaluated results
  • conducts a free, qualitative evaluation (by interview) of the project outcomes, feeding back the results into the Workshop knowledge base.

Interactive workshop programme under construction

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